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Are You Protecting Your People And Business Interests?

Our Services Are Tailored To The Needs Of Your Employees And Are Proven To Drive Business Growth And Resilience.

Health and Wellbeing Services

In the demanding and ever-evolving world of ICT, employees are susceptible to conditions that can compromise their physical and emotional wellbeing. Prioritising the wellness of your staff helps drive business growth and optimised performance while reducing absenteeism and turnover. Innoteq is proud to offer targeted health services that support your employees holistically, including 24/7 GP consultations and health resources, nutrition advice and discounted gym memberships, and private, confidential helpline support.

Lifestyle Benefits

At Innoteq, we want tech employees to feel healthy and inspired. We recognise that a good work-life balance and access to affordable leisure activities are vital to maintaining work motivation and focus. With our highly competitive benefits package, you will drive talent acquisition and retention and enjoy the benefits of an appreciative workforce. Meanwhile, your employees will enjoy the gift of a premium yet sustainable lifestyle, with exclusive deals on popular brands, vacations and experience days.

Payroll Consultancy

Processing payroll is a high-pressure obligation that costs businesses an average of 80 work hours per annum, the equivalent of two full weeks of work. With Innoteq’s comprehensive payroll services, you will leverage your management resources and free up your finance team. We are responsible for everything from payroll processing and tax calculations, submitting RI to HMRC and verifying that your employees are paid accurately and on time. Moreover, we ensure that you are audited and fully compliant. Let us support you in driving real-time payroll processing efficiencies and alleviating the stress associated with this compulsory process.

Workplace Pensions

We are committed to making pension administration and compliance straightforward and precise. Our Workplace Pension solution reduces your administrative burden while ensuring that you remain fully compliant. Financial uncertainty can negatively affect employee performance and morale. Our competitive and flexible workplace pension schemes offer great returns on investments and are accessible 24/7 via our benefits portal, providing your staff with peace of mind over their financial security.

Business Protection

Preserving your reputation as an employer is vital to your ongoing success. Innoteq is here to help you navigate all employment-related legal matters and resolve issues before they escalate. Our team of legal specialists have decades of experience and can step in as needed to assist you with performance reviews, disciplinary matters and dismissals. In the unfortunate event of a tribunal, our expert consultants will be by your side throughout the entire process, saving you the time and expense of sourcing external Representation.